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Anyone can have a tie-dye, but is it a Goforth?

At Goforth Artistic Creations, we are a husband and wife team that brings to life a modern version of the tie-dye experience.  Together, we create unique and fashion forward designs for those of discriminating tastes.  A Goforth original will make you look and feel special on any occasion, from a casual get together to a night on the town.  Let the true you show in a piece of wearable art, a Goforth original!



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Why Tie-Dye is Better
Why Tie-Dye is Better

Everywhere you look today, there seems to be an explosion of tie-dye. I say seems, because the vast majority of these garments are mass-produced, screen-printed or digitally printed patterns and colors that have nothing to do with the true hand made originality that a tie-dye possesses. These garments are an oxymoron in the very nature of calling them tie-dyes.

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They are really more like art, almost something you want to frame and hang on your wall. However, that would defeat the purpose of how much fun they are to use and wear these special creations, made by hand with love.

Kelli and Karys K.

For a true original, make sure it’s a Goforth!